Media Processing for Communications (Acronym: MPCIG)


Chair: Sanjeev Mehrotra
Co-chairs: Ce Zhu
Carl J. Debono
Advisor: Prof. Ming-Ting Sun, University of Washington

IG Scope:

The field of multimedia processing for communications refers to the processing of media which is needed for reliable and efficient transmission of various media types including video, graphics, gaming, audio, and speech. The processing can include source coding of the media such as compression, channel coding such as error protection/concealment, joint-source channel coding, processing to enable efficient and adaptive media streaming, and pre and post processing of media to improve quality. As both media types and networks become more diverse, it becomes important to adapt to varying networks as well as application requirements in order to deliver good performance.

MPCIG aims to contribute to future developments in media processing for communications by organizing and supporting MMTC and other ComSoc sponsored conferences, workshops, and journal special issues. Research topics pertinent to the scope of MPCIG include the following.

  • Media compression
  • Error protection and concealment for media
  • Media processing to enable efficient and adaptive streaming across a range of networks and media types
  • Coding for novel media types (e.g. gaming, application graphics)
  • Adaptation in media processing for differing media requirements in terms of latency, loss, and bandwidth
  • Adaptation in media processing for differing network types such as wireless and 4G (LTE)
  • Other pre and post processing techniques designed to improve the quality of multimedia during communication