Media Streaming (Acronym: MSIG)

Chair: Di Wu
Co-chairs: Alexander Raake
Advisor: John Apostolopoulos, HP Labs, USA Keith W. Ross, New York University
Oliver Dapeng Wu, University of Floria, USA


IG Scope:

Media streaming refers to continuous transmission, reception, and playback of various media types, including video, audio, speech, animation, and biosignals. In streaming, media playback happens during transmission, without requiring all data to be transferred and stored first. Traditional forms of media streaming include radio and television. More recently, new forms of digital media streaming, such as IPTV, Internet radio, and stock quote streaming, have been enabled by developments in the signal processing and networking technology. Of particular research interest are methods that operate across heterogeneous devices, multiple communication layers, and media types.

MSIG aims to contribute to future developments in media streaming by organizing and supporting ComSoc-sponsored conferences and workshops, special issues of relevant journals, and by being a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners in this field. You can find out about some of our activities by following the links in the menu. Research topics pertinent to the scope of MSIG include the following.

  • Media coding, decoding, and processing for streaming applications,
  • Media synchronization, playback, and buffer management,
  • QoS and QoE for media streaming,
  • Wired and wireless architectures for media streaming,
  • Protocols for media streaming,
  • Peer-to-peer, overlay, and multicast media streaming,
  • In-network media stream management and processing (for example, caching, transcoding, network coding),
  • Error resilience and concealment strategies for media streaming,
  • 3D and multiview media streaming,
  • Adaptive media Streaming,
  • Cloud computing for media streaming applications,
  • Monitoring and management schemes for media streaming,
  • Security and rights management issues in media streaming, and
  • Media streaming testbeds.