The Multimedia Communications Technical Committee (MMTC) examines systems, applications, services and techniques in which two or more media are used in the same session. These media include, but are not restricted to, voice, video, image, music, data, and executable code. The scope of the Committee includes conversational, presentational, and transactional applications and the underlying networking systems to support them. It further includes media servers, gateways, user devices and interfaces, software for distributed applications, and personal communication/software agents to facilitate applications. The issues addressed by the Committee include storage, retrieval, and synchronization of multimedia materials; quality of service issues in multimedia networking; display and other I/O devices; “middleware” between networks and applications; and the usefulness and usability of multimedia applications.

MMTC’s main activity is the sponsoring of symposia and workshops at IEEE ComSoc conferences, such as GLOBECOM, ICC and ICME, and IEEE transactions and journals, such as TMM, JSAC and so on. The scope of this TC covers general multimedia communications topics, but not limited to:

  • QoE for Multimedia Communications
  • Acoustic and Speech Processing for Communications
  • Visual Analysis and Content Management for Communications
  • Image & Video coding
  • Media Streaming
  • Media Processing and Communications Security
  • 3D rendering, Processing and Communications
  • Wireless Technology for Multimedia Communications
  • Green Multimedia Communications
  • Distributed and Sensor Networks for Mobile Media Computing and Applications
  • Multimedia Services and Applications over Emerging Networks
  • Cross-layer Design for Multimedia Communications