The main duty of the membership board is to invite active researchers in the field of multimedia communications to join IEEE MMTC.

MMTC membership is open to anyone who is interested. To join MMTC, please click here .

Board Members:

Name Affiliation E-mail

Zhu Liu (Director)


Lifeng Sun (Co-Director)

Tsinghua University, China

Andrea Sciarrone (Co-Director)

University of Genoa, Italy

Rong Zheng

University of Houston, USA

Weiru Liu

Queen’s University Belfast, UK

Ping Wang

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Wei Song

University of New Brunswick, Canada

CHAO Sam, Lidia

University of Macau, Macau, China

Gene Cheung

National Institute of Informatics, Japan

How the board works:

The board members will work together to increase the visibility of MMTC and attract active researchers to join MMTC. We will work with other MMTC leaders to keep the members well informed about various updates, initiatives, and benefits of MMTC. Please feel to contact any of the board members through e-mail if you are interested in joining or knowing more about MMTC.