3D rendering, processing and communications (Acronym: 3DIG)

Chair: Tasos Dagiuklas
Co-chairs: Aljoscha Smolic
Wanqing Li
Advisor: A. Murat Tekalp, Koc University, Turkey

IG Scope:

3D viewing can provide additional insight in understanding and interpreting multimedia contents. 3D graphics, 3D movies and 3D video technologies are becoming increasingly popular in academia, industry and the general public, and a number of relevant products are already in the consumers’ market.

The goal of the 3D Rendering, Processing and Communications InterestGroup (3DIG) of the IEEE Multimedia Communications Technical Committee (MMTC) is to provide an international forum for researchers, developers, and manufacturers to exchange knowledge, discuss R&D results, explore the latest state-of-the-art methodologies and study the effectiveness of these findings. The Group will organize and support ComSoc-sponsored conferences and workshops, as well as special issues of relevant journals.

Our target areas include but are not limited to:

  • 3D multi-view data acquisition techniques, calibration and storage
  • Real-time, full 3D reconstruction from active and passive sensors
  • 3D data processing, analysis and editing
  • 3D data visualization and interaction, e.g. VR and simulation-based learning
  • 3D data coding and compression
  • 3D data transmission
  • 3D systems, tools and applications
  • The study of 3D quality from the human perspective
  • Theory, algorithm and standards relating to 3D rendering, processing and communications
  • Security and privacy issues in 3D data