Green Multimedia Communications (Acronym:GMCIG)

Chair: Zuqing Zhu
Co-chairs: Changqiao Zhu
Co-chairs: Jun Wu
Advisor: Moshe Zukerman, City University of Hong Kong

IG Scope:

A significant portion of electronic systems are used for activities related to multimedia communication, such as transmission, reception, processing, storage, and display. The Green Multimedia Communication Interest Group is interested in the environment impacts, in particular the energy consumption, of these activities. The goals of this interest group are to quantify the environmental impacts, identify potential solutions to reduce the impacts, and promote sustainable technologies for use in multimedia communication. Topics of interest for GMC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Methodologies that provide better understanding of the energy consumed by activities related to multimedia communication
  • Communication protocols that are energy-efficient and adaptive to available energy budgets
  • Designs and reference implementations that can reduce the environmental impacts of multimedia communication
  • Coordination and management schemes for participants in networks to improve energy efficiency
  • Components and systems, including hardware, software, and firmware, that are energy-efficient and support energy-aware quality of service