Multimedia Services and Applications over Emerging Networks (Acronym: MENIG)

Chair: Zhou Su
Co-chairs: Suhua Tang
Autur Lugmayr
Advisor: Hsiao-Hwa Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

IG Scope:

Emerging networks include broadband wireless, virtualized networks, network overlays, smart grids, delay tolerant networks, clouds, sensor networks, and tactical networks. Although a diversity of technologies is envisioned, they share important properties including scale, density, heterogeneity, federation, and dynamic and highly distributed elements. The scope of research activities of MEN IG includes:

  • multimedia services and service architectures over emerging networks
  • impact of emerging networks on multimedia services and service architectures
  • multimedia service definition and composition
  • innovative multimedia services and applications
  • service trials and deployments over emerging networks
  • multimedia service provisioning, management, usage monitoring, and accounting
  • service-specific security and privacy issues
  • Quality-of-service and experience evaluation and multimedia retrieval

The focus of this IG is to address the development of new services and migration of existing services, and the entire life cycle of service mangement, in the context of various emerging networks.  In particular, the synergy between services and the architecture and protocols of various emerging networks, and the impact of each on the other, is expected to be an important fundamental topic.

The Interest Group’s main activity is the organizing and sponsoring of sessions and workshops at IEEE ComSoc conferences (specifically ICC, GLOBECOM, and ICME), as well as the facilitation and promotion of technical publications in focus areas within the group’s scope.