Visual Analysis, Content Management and Interaction for Communications (Acronym: VAIG)

Chair: Rongrong Ji
Co-chairs: Chenwei Deng
Advisor: Jiebo Luo, Rochester University

IG Scope:

Intelligent visual content analysis and management techniques are more and more introduced and applied in multimedia communications. The Interest Group of Visual Analysis, Content Management and Interaction for Communications (VAIG) in Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications examines and promotes the technology and research in visual content analysis, understanding, processing, management and interaction for communications.

VAIG aims to contribute to future developments in visual content analysis for communications by organizing and supporting ComSoc-sponsored conferences and workshops, special issues of relevant journals, and by being a discussion forum for researchers and practitioners in this field. Research topics pertinent to the scope of VAIG include but not limited to:

  • Visual content summarization and presentation for efficient communications
  • Content-aware coding, trans-coding and transmission
  • Visual data processing and analysis for tele-presence, realtime communication and collaboration
  • Visual content management for communication and collaboration
  • Real time media content adaptation based on explicit user feedback
  • Content analysis for privacy protection and information security in visual communications
  • Other visual analysis, processing and understanding techniques for communications